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Welcome to Chris Jackson Dry Cleaners

Our name has consistently set itself apart from competitors by offering an excellent personalised service alongside high quality laundry and dry cleaning. Chris Jackson are the largest launderer and dry cleaner in West Byfleet, Surrey which we have serving thousands of customers and businesses, large and small, via our Massive In-house unitized shop and our very successful free door to door service.

We pride ourselves in maintaining our personal touch with our customers, and our growth over the decades is mainly due to Constant offers, recommendation and word of mouth.

Chris Jackson has a unique blend of old traditions and new dry and wet cleaning technology to provide a high level of quality that you can always rely on.

We receive more than 200 shirts a day through our walk- in customers, network of shops across the town which makes us one of the busiest Launderer in Town.

We recognise that experience is of the utmost importance in producing high quality laundry and dry cleaning, and as a result our dedicated staff are highly skilled, Trained and have been equipped with all latest technology to ensure quality work and service is delivered at all times.

If you have any questions, requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us we will certainly assist you.

By combining our competitive prices, with the latest cleaning technology, we are able to provide the best possible care for your laundry and dry cleaning. Please pop in and have a look to find out more about our services.